For the Russians, will create a special website for national projects


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vitaly ANEC / RIA Novosti

In Russia in the fall 2019 displays service “National projects through the eyes of the people,” through which citizens can report problems in the implementation of projects. It will start the party “United Russia”, reported on Thursday, the Secretary of the General Council of the party Andrei Turchak, reports TASS.

In his opinion, the main problem that needs to solve today is “lack of communication between implementers of national projects and population”, which, I am sure Turchak, able to eliminate the party.

Turchak noted that there will be a variety of services to receive feedback. “In special communities in social networks, on party sites and in the mobile application of the party you file a complaint or ask questions about the objects under construction in the framework of the national projects”, — he stressed. All these messages will be collected into a single public database.

The national projects of Russia — is a large-scale program for the development of the country in 12 areas, where there are the most urgent problems of society. They relate to demography, culture, health, education, housing, and ecology.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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