Fraudsters stole the identity of a host and deceived hundreds of women


www.vsyako.netDean Polyfoto: @deanpelic

Croatian TV host Dean Pelic (Dean Peliс) spoke about how scammers use personal information to deceive many people. Details of the history he shared with the Daily Mail.

According to Pelike, recently approached at least 200 women who spoke with the authors of his fake profiles in social networks and the application for Dating. Almost all of them gave criminals some amount of money.

One of these scams shared a romantic relationship with his victim and even proposed to her. He showed her a fake ticket, on which was written the name of the Pelike, and convinced that soon arrive to her country, but it never happened.

Another deceiver told the girl that talked that he had a sick daughter, and asked for money for her treatment. For this, he with a photo editor added to real photo PELIKA his cousin.

The presenter admitted that the hardest he was when criminals used a photo of his deceased grandmother. He argues that most scammers ask for money under the pretext that he had arrived in the country recently and lost credit card.

Pelik tried to deal with fake accounts, submitting a statement to the police. There he said can’t help and advised to make his page in Instagram verified, however, the social network has not given the presenter of such a right.

At the moment, Pelike 78,5 thousand followers on Instagram. He warns fans about scams in the stories, however, according to him, almost every day he learns about the emergence of a new fake page.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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