Guest of the wedding shamed for similar to lingerie



Netizens scolded the guest of the wedding like lingerie dress that she was going to come to the celebration. It is reported by The Sun.

A woman named vvbee43 posted on the wedding forum Wedding Bee photo satin slip-dress with leopard print Australian brand Carol Skoufis and would like to know whether it is suitable for the event. “I’m invited to a wedding in August and want to go about this. Couple asked to be in cocktail attire. What do you think?” — she signed the publication.

Forum users have criticized the guest for choosing inappropriate attire. “It’s not like a cocktail dress, and nightgown. I’d start there,” commented one of them. “It’s not white, but still looks like underwear” — supported the other. “It would not be appropriate for any wedding from where I was. If she will not be held in a zoo,” taunted another commentators.

Earlier in July, sister of the groom was criticized in social media for what she had put on a white wedding dress in an attempt to outdo the bride. In Facebook community, users regularly make fun of wedding outfits, there was a photograph from the day of the celebration. In the picture the bride in a white lace dress posing with her groom, and to the left of them stands a woman in long evening dress, also made of white fabric, and black gloves. Members of the group rushed to blame the sister-in-law of the bride by the thoughtless choice of attire.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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