Russian scientists have read “disappeared” birch bark


www.vsyako.netPhoto: press service of “national research centre “Kurchatov Institute”

Scientists from the national research centre (NRC) “Kurchatov Institute” together with colleagues from the Institute of archaeology (IA) RAS were able to read the Novgorod birchbark documents with faded ink. It is reported TASS with reference to the press service of the Kurchatov Institute.

For the study were selected as two of the three known birch bark, Dating from the XIV and XV centuries. As explained by the researchers, to read virtually disappeared, the text has become possible thanks to the technology of multispectral photography.

“The survey was conducted on a specially prepared camera without a low pass filter, which allowed to capture reflected infrared light in the range of nanometers and 940-1100 to take pictures of the visible luminescence when illuminated letters by ultraviolet light,” said one of the authors of the study researcher, Center of ploskosti Institute of archaeology Academy of Sciences Alexander Pahunov.

In result, scientists have obtained digital images of certificates, the processing of which they were able to clearly detect the contrast between the background and the text. Also, the researchers were able to determine the composition of the ink, which was written letters.

It is noted that the first comprehensive study of birchbark documents from Novgorod the Great was fulfilled with financial support of Russian Foundation for basic research and national research centre “Kurchatov Institute”.

Support of research by Russian scientists will be one of the main directions of the national project “Science”, which should be implemented by 2024. In its framework in the country will create at least 250 new laboratories, is also planned for 50 percent to update the technical foundations of scientific organizations.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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