Russian-speaking mayor of Tallinn, explained the Alliance with the nationalists


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The mayor of Tallinn Mikhail Calvert explained the reasons for his coalition Centrist party with the ultra-right Conservative people’s party of Estonia (EKRE) and the party Fatherland (Isamaa). He told this in an interview with three Lebanese source.

This decision he explained the desire to retain the system of Russian education.

“It was the only option to save Estonia education in the Russian language. Let me emphasize: the only one! We enter into a coalition with the reformists or, worse, stay in opposition — a chance to preserve Russian schools would be equal to zero”, — assured politician.

The mayor said that he hoped for a softening of rhetoric EKRE. In his opinion, the representatives of the party do not understand that the government should work for the benefit of all residents, regardless of nationality and political preferences. “You have to understand that the coalition government is never a marriage of love,” he said.

Calvert was elected as the new mayor of Tallinn in April 2019. His candidacy was supported by 45 deputies of the city Assembly of 70. His father Estonian, mother is Korean, the native language Russian politician calls.

Almost 30 percent of Estonian residents consider Russian their native language. The Russian-speaking population lives in almost all regions of Estonia, but its highest concentration in the North-East and South-East of Tallinn. At the moment in Estonia there are 74 Russian schools where you can get an education partly in Russian. The number of subjects taught in such schools in the Russian language, does not exceed 60 percent.

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