Soloviev predicted the Ukrainian scientist in the gutter without Russian show


www.vsyako.netVyacheslav Avtokadr: video Evening with Vladimir Solovyov / YouTube

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov called the Ukrainian scientist Vyacheslav Kovtun to the poor and said he was “begging” on Russian TV channels. This statement Soloviev made in the air his program on “Russia 1”, the recording of which is available on YouTube.

“You are a beggar. You in Ukraine, even nowhere to live. God forbid, you get kicked off of Russian TV channels, you’ll be in a ditch in the city of Kiev in a tent to huddle” — addressed leading to the analyst.

Solovyov called the poor not only Kovtun, but the Ukrainian people. “It’s just that you are so poor, they [people] that they have enough and a couple of linen. And you are so rich presidents in a poor country”, he concluded.

Therefore, the presenter responded to a remark about Kovtun that Ukraine is a rich country. The analyst justified it by the fact that the money in the state is not over, despite the fact that, according to Solovyov, a few of the country’s leaders are guilty of corruption.

In October 2017, it was reported that the income Kovtun can be up to one million rubles per month.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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