The canadian found a way to legally purchased kilos of marijuana


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The resident of Canada were allowed to buy medical marijuana weight, because more stringent restrictions violate his constitutional rights. The decision adopted by the Federal court of the country, reports CBC News.

Allan Harris (Allan Harris) has permission from a doctor to accept up to 100 grams of marijuana a day, however by law he could not carry more than 150 grams. According to men, this greatly increased his spending, and limit the opportunity to travel, he could not absent himself from home for more than a day and a half, and I overpaid for the delivery of small portions.

As a result, the court sided with the men. The ruling said that Harris, in fact, unfair was under house arrest. This occurred due to inadequately low for his case threshold on the total amount of cannabis. Canadians were allowed to purchase and always have on hand from 10 daily servings — that is, pounds of marijuana.

The judge in this case stated that it is permissible for men the number of cannabis “extraordinary high,” but stressed that dose determination is “a matter for professionals, not the court.” CBC News notes that a large amount normally allowed by the people who use the plant including in cooking.

The Senate of Canada legalized the sale and use of marijuana in June. According to the bill, any adult citizen can buy up to 30 grams of the drug and to grow at home up to four bushes of hemp. October 17, the law came into force.

Canada has become the world’s second largest South American country after Uruguay to legalize marijuana use for recreational purposes that is simply for relaxation.

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