The Cossacks, led by MMA fighter beat a family from Azerbaijan


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Sergey Kalinin page in “Vkontakte”

Three representatives of the Cossack village city Top ufalej of the Chelyabinsk region were detained for assaulting a family of local entrepreneur Aminal Musayev. Among the detainees — known in the Urals mixed martial arts fighter Sergei Kalinin, according to Znak.

According to the publication, the incident occurred July 2 in the cafe “Constellation”. First Cossacks, armed with swords, whips, a grenade and a firearm, handcuffed and beat 24-year-old son of a businessman Ilgar. The victim said that about six months ago he had a conflict with a former special forces soldier Ivan Spiridonov: during the dispute Ilgar got up from the table and pushed the chair leg. Spiridonov didn’t like it, however, young people talked and dispersed. Since then they have not seen.

According to Ilgar recently he wanted to join the Cossacks, but friends said that it will not take, because he is a Muslim, and the Cossacks — the Orthodox. July 1, Ilgar called Sergey Kalinin, the leader of the Cossacks, the fighter of the mixed style (MMA) — and asked if he decided to go to the cops. “I said no, the question is closed. Then he started saying that I was just being funny, saying that I would like in Cossacks, and these include not serious,” — said the victim.

Young people set up a meeting in the cafe “Constellation”, where the result of a quarrel Kalinin, his brother Rodion and Spiridonov beat Ilgar and threatened him with a grenade. The brother of the victim Alfat learned of the incident, offered to settle the conflict peacefully with the attackers.

July 3, they together with the father went to put up with the Cossacks. Appearing at a meeting, they saw five armed men, one of whom struck Alpata sword. “Then from all sides came another 15-20 people of the Cossacks, who are in form and who is not. Surrounded. We just started to kill. Dragged on the ground, gravel, bill. Then they started shooting,” — said Ilgar. According to him, when the police arrived, the security forces started to shoot what was happening on the phone, no one was detained. With the injured family no one on communication did not leave.

According to the publication, at the moment the brothers Kalinina and Spiridonov detained and are in a temporary detention facility. This information was confirmed by the interior Ministry in the Chelyabinsk region. Local authorities information about the conflict with the Cossacks has not commented.

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