The doctors helped free are going to sell a kidney to get son dad


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In Indonesia, the man decided to sell a kidney to pay for the surgery for his son, but the doctors took pity and agreed to give the treatment for free. It is reported by news portal AsiaOne.

Indonesian went outside, hung on the neck label ad that sells a kidney. He wanted to raise money for an operation for her son with brain tumor. Eli Kristianto (Eli Kristianto) stood at the exit of the port of Tanjung Balai Karimun. His 23-year-old son of Sandra of Wiguna (Elandra Wiguna) had to interrupt treatment at the regional hospital because of the unaffordable for families prices.

When the history of the learned community, the hospital agreed to provide assistance free of charge. The surgery was successfully done on Monday, the first of July, the patient’s condition remains stable.

The hospital will help the family of Wiguna to issue credit, which will allow to cope with all spending on treatment in the future. The national health programme covered the expenses of the family for her son’s treatment only partially, so for 59-year-old Cristiano left a debt of 14 million rupees (slightly more than 60 thousand rubles).

Trade bodies in Indonesia is prohibited, but the man admitted that this dangerous act decided out of despair, because he had nowhere to borrow money for the operation. Similar cases of violation of the law in Indonesia can not be called rare.

Earlier it was reported about the Englishman who donated a kidney for his wife. The woman said he saved her life, and called you a hero.

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