The global failure of social networks has revealed hidden knowledge about users


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Stephen Lam / Reuters

Recent failures in the social networks Facebook and Instagram has resulted in applications began to appear in descriptions of photos instead of the images themselves. As reported by BuzzFeed, is probably the pictures gave a description of artificial intelligence.

Descriptions are simple statements of what is shown in the photos: the number of people that they do, the objects in the frame, where the picture was taken. Facebook and Instagram has not yet commented on the incident.

Facebook has started to use scanning pictures to create descriptions in 2015. This is explained by the desire to help users with impaired vision. In 2017, the company updated the recognition system for more accurate identification of people and parts in the pictures.

Social media users were unhappy with the way a lot of Facebook and Instagram know about them, scanning the photos. ZackFord wrote that during a failure he is photos show description which was defined, “plants, cars, shoes.” TechCrunch editor Zach Whittaker (Zack Whittaker) joked that artificial intelligence has described it fairly accurately, writing: “a man, a beard.”

Many also expressed concern that the advertising company can use all the data that Facebook receives from photos of people. Chka user suspects that the data will be anonymized and transmitted to the representatives of the advertising industry to help them in targeting the advertisements.

On the evening of 3 July in the social networks Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp messenger was a global failure. The problem was fixed around 17:50 Moscow time. The complaints were received from users in the United States, Western Europe, the UK, Singapore, Latin America and other regions. The people of Russia also complained of problems with access to social networks and messenger.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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