The man chugged a liter of beer and died



In Thailand a man took part in the competition in speed beer drinking, drank too much and died. This publication reports the Daily Star.

Visitor to the bar, together with colleagues decided to participate in the popular contest for consumption of beer. It happened on Saturday, June 29, in the beach resort of Cha-Am.

Before the competition, participants raised the mug and made a toast. After that, the man drank a liter of beer and turned the mug, proving to the jury that he did a great job. After some time, the competitor began to look lost. The man fell to the stage face down, and died shortly thereafter.

Somsak Likebox (Somsak Laikabohk), local center for control and disease prevention, noted that the victim could suffer not so much from alcohol as from other factors: for example, he could drink beer on an empty stomach or suffer from any disease. Fellow competitor said that the work heard nothing of any diagnoses of the deceased. The man’s body was taken for examination.

In April 2017, reported the American student who was killed during a competition on eating of pancakes. She choked on food and suffocated.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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