The Netherlands condemned his “favorite criminal”


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In the Netherlands, for organizing five murders and sentenced to life in prison 61-year-old crime boss Willem Holleeder (Willem Holleeder). As the reports of NOS, such a ruling made by the court in Amsterdam, he supported the request of prosecutors.

The man received a life sentence for the massacre, organized from 2002 to 2006. Among others, he was convicted of killing brother-in-law Cora van Haute (Cor van Hout) — the husband of one of the sisters, Sonia. It went from 2014, originally Holleeder was suspected of two killings.

The convict intends to appeal. His lawyers insist that concrete evidence linking the men to the crimes was not presented — no calls, no DNA samples. The judge pointed out that this is logical, because the traces swept up extremely well, and even the slightest proof have a huge weight.

The prosecution mainly relies on the testimony of witnesses, Holliger helped to expose and sisters Astrid and Sonya. The court pointed out that women put their lives at risk, and found their testimony credible. The statement of the accused called contradictory, untruthful and biased. On the court, in particular, listened to an audiotape on which a man threatened to kill Sonya and her children, reports Reuters. It is believed that the sisters decided to “surrender” the brother including because of the massacre of her husband Sony.

The most famous crime of the Dutch was organized together with KOR van Hautem. It was the kidnapping of a businessman and the head of the brewing company Heineken Freddy Heineken in 1983. It along with the driver released for a ransom of 35 million Dutch guilders (about $ 17 million), of which 8 million was never found.

After this crime of Colledara with partners caught in France. He served his sentence and was released in 1992. In 2007, a man was sentenced to nine years for the murder of a real estate agent Indstry Willem (Willem Endstra), who leaked police information about the gangster.

Astrid Holleeder wrote about the incident the book “the Traitor. As I put the brother in jail”. It tells how the sisters came into confrontation with his brother, known as the “beloved of the Dutch criminal”. Reuters also notes that Holleeder received from the media nickname Nose.

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