The woman forgot all his life and came back to the XIX century


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In the English city of Carlisle, County of Cumbria, the woman fell ill with encephalitis and memory loss. On it informs the British edition Daily Mail.

In March 2016 29-year-old Vicki Harkness (Harkness Vickie) felt the symptoms of flu. After some time she began to have memory lapses, and hallucinations: she couldn’t remember where she was going, and once stated to her friend Sean that he was “on the moon”. Later, Harkness had convulsions, she was taken to the hospital. There the doctors performed the necessary tests and found the Wiki a dangerous disease — encephalitis.

Harkness was hospitalized and put into an artificial coma. After the patient regained consciousness, she couldn’t remember. “I could no longer control my body, so I had to use a catheter. I said strange things. The doctors asked me what year it is, and I replied that 1860”, — said the Briton.

Experts warned close to Harkness that she became a different person. The friends of the woman tried to help her to recover memory, by showing photos from her wedding. However, this did not help, and after she was discharged, she decided to try to do the things dealt with in a previous life, and began to keep a diary.

“I had to relearn how to tie your shoes and brush your teeth. I didn’t feel hungry and only ate when I was told. It was terrible,” she shared.

Gradually Harkness began to return memory. Now she plays sports and went back to work. According to her, for this is to thank her husband Sean, who had supported his beloved every day.

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