Tom Holland supported the idea of making spider-Man gay


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British actor Tom Holland, best known for playing spider-Man in a series of Marvel movies, supported the idea to make his character gay. It is reported The Huffington Post.

Holland said that he could not talk about the future of his character, because he does not know such details, and character development does not depend on him. The actor added that Marvel is going to introduce in the films of a wide variety of characters over the next few years. “The world is not as simple as any heterosexual white guy,” he said.

The actor has played a superhero teenager Peter Parker, hiding under the alias of spider-Man in the movies “the First avenger: the Confrontation”, “spider-Man: coming home,” “the Avengers: infinity War”, “Avengers Finale” and “spider-Man: Away from home”. The Russian premiere of the last tape took place on 4 July.

Earlier in July it was reported that Ariel in the remake of the cartoon “the little Mermaid” in 1989, will become dark-skinned.

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