Victims of the HIV epidemic in Asia began 700 children


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Soe Zeya Tun / Reuters

More than 700 children living in the South of Pakistan, were infected with HIV in the epidemic. About it reports The Telegraph.

It is clarified that the outbreak in the town of Larkana in the southern Sindh province, was discovered in April. One of the medical personnel noticed that several patients-children cannot normally bring the temperature down, they also reacted poorly to treatment. They were all HIV positive.

In this regard, the world health organization (who) began an investigation of the local population. In the end of the 30 thousand surveyed were identified 876 infected. It was found that 82 per cent were children under 15 years of age.

It is believed that the virus affects the immune system, mainly distributed unskilled quack doctors. Also affected by the neglect of cleanliness and hygiene in local clandestine clinics, which are often the only sources of medical care for the residents.

The epidemic called unprecedented, including due to the large number of affected children. Epidemiologists are now trying to determine whether the outbreak is isolated or only “the tip of the iceberg”. Officials are warning that there is a high risk of further spread of the disease. In this country there are problems with the necessary medication.

In Larkana in 2003 there were three outbreaks of HIV. The first was among injecting drug users. Two more happened in 2016: affected 12 patients pediatric hospital, and 206 patients in the dialysis unit.

In may it was reported that due to an infected syringe in the South of Pakistan has infected more than 400 people.

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