American journalists have criticized Skobeevo for trolling US


www.vsyako.netOlga Scaleauto: Mr Song / RIA Novosti

The American newspaper the Washington Post drew attention to how the Russian TV presenters Olga Skobeeva and Evgeny Popov ridiculed the celebrations in honor of independence Day in Washington.

In the broadcast of “60 minutes” of 4 July on the channel “Russia 1” they joked about the military parade, which involved tanks and fighter jets. Popov noted that the selected event on the American tanks were involved during the Second world war and ceased to be used in 1957.

Skobeeva noticed that with tanks “peeling paint” and “optics sealed with tape”. “The American President said that the military parade is democratic and beautiful, and we remember that [for the USA] the Russian parade is a totalitarian and horrible,” she said.

The American military expert Michael Kaufman told the publication that “Russia will look for any opportunity to patrolling the United States.” “From their point of view, what is happening [in Washington] will be fairly static, everyday a war show, not a parade of their level, or even parades held in Europe,” he added.

Earlier in June, TV presenters Olga Kabaeva and Vladimir Solovyov argued for the translation of the statements of the President of the United States Donald trump about his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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