Before Ukraine looming threat of a manmade disaster


www.vsyako.netPhoto: RIA Novosti

The head of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andrew KOBOLEV said that Ukraine could face a man-made catastrophe in that case, if before the heating season underground gas storage (UGS) will not have time to pump 20 billion cubic meters of gas. About this KOBOLEV wrote on his page in Facebook.

“If at the start of the heating season, storage will not be 20 billion cubic meters, this is a huge risk man-made disaster. Because Ukraine is, without exaggeration, freeze,” wrote a top Manager, noting that only in this case Ukraine can guarantee stable transit and smooth heating of its own citizens.

Also, according to him, currently, UGS pumped 13.8 billion cubic meters of gas, in order to meet the stated requirement, and Ukraine needs daily to spool to store up to 60 million cubic meters of gas. At the same time to reduce the volume of injection, according to kobolyeva, it is impossible. “Delay for a day or two will break the schedule, and to catch up is almost impossible”, said Kobolyev.

Moreover, the failure of the plan for gas injection into UGS, COBOL compares with lost gas war against Russia. “To freeze the country and lose new gas war is unacceptable. I’m ready for this decision to bear personal responsibility,” — said a top Manager.

At the end of June about a catastrophic shortage of gas in Ukrainian storage facilities declared gas transmission system operator company “Ukrtransgaz”. According to her, the Ukrainian side did not even have enough gas to safely pass the summer. The deficit is estimated at 720 million cubic meters of gas.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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