Disclosed the cause of the mysterious phenomena in the Atlantic


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Shutterstock

Oceanographers have discovered the reasons for the mysterious distribution of Sargassum in the South Atlantic ocean, where previously this sea kelp were rare. It is reported by Science.

Satellite imagery showed that the bloom of Sargassum affected by the increase of nutrients in the Central Atlantic ocean. One part of these substances were brought in from natural sources via upwelling — the upwelling along the Western coast of Africa. Another hit in the ocean with the waters of the Amazon, which washed away the waste from forest and agricultural industries.

Although the researchers have not performed direct measurements of nutrients, they determined their level on the content of chlorophyll in the surface layer of water. Large quantities of this pigment contained in the phytoplankton reflects more green light than the surrounding water. In 2009, the levels of chlorophyll have risen sharply in the Delta of the Amazon and remained elevated for several years due to the increasing deforestation and use of fertilizers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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