Four tigers attacked the trainer and mauled him


www.vsyako.netFrame: Circus Manis TV / YouTube

In the Italian province of Bari four tiger killed its trainer during a rehearsal for a circus performance. About it reports local news portal Borderline24.

On Thursday evening, 4 July, 61-year-old Ettore Weber (Weber Ettore) rehearsed the performance with the tigers for an hour before the show. The tigers knocked the man down and bitten to death. Arrived at the doctors and colleagues of the deceased for half an hour could not take the body of the handler of the cells with predators.

According to doctors, Weber received several serious injuries and a spinal injury that led to death. Police are investigating and versed in the details of the tragedy.

Traveling circus Circo Orfei, which worked Weber, arrived in Italy on 15 June for a month. Remains unknown is whether the troupe planned schedule of performances, and what measures will be taken against the aggressive tigers.

In early April it was reported that in Lugansk circus circus lion tamer attacked during a performance. In the video, filmed by an eyewitness, the predator approached the 32-year-old tamer Hamad Kuta (Hamada Kouta) and attacked him. In the end the man has tamed the aggressive beast, took him to the cage and continued the show.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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