Friendship with a taxi driver cost the Russian apartments


www.vsyako.netYuri Kuringhat: video “TV and radio company Province 33” / YouTube

Resident of Vladimir Yury Kurin was the victim of a housing Scam and were on the street. It is reported by the regional TV company “Gubernia”.

Kurin invited to your birthday taxi driver, whom he considered a friend. According to the victim, the taxi driver repeatedly drove him from work to work, never took money for it.

The holiday ended with a blackout, after which Kurin woke up in an unfamiliar country house. “Just a bump on the head or something. Woke up in the village. No documents, no nothing,” he told the canal man.

Chicken about six months spent in the village, earning a living by using neighbors on the farm. He then returned to town and tried to get to his apartment, but was answered by strangers. The man went to the police and find a lawyer that can help you understand the situation.

The apartment Kurina now there’s an old lady, before that, as found by the lawyer, the living space was replaced by two owners, the first of which was the native of Tajikistan.

The scheme under which single owners of housing are taken into the village and kept there in captivity, are actively used by criminal groups. So, in 2018, the media reported one of these groups — the participants were taken apartment owners, mostly elderly and socially disadvantaged citizens, in the Vladimir region. There the prisoners were beaten and solder, and one of the victims, 74-year-old pensioner, was married to a relative of one of the members of the group.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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