From Zelensky demanded to re-ban “Matchmakers”


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President Vladimir Zelensky urged to prevent the return of the series “Matchmakers” on Ukrainian television. Such appeal to the head of state asked the Chairman of the State Agency of Ukraine for the movie Philip Ilyenko, the video of his speech posted on YouTube.

The head of state noted that the series returned to broadcast channel 1+1, thanks to the decision of the District administrative court of Kiev. At the same time cancelled the orders of several agencies — the state Committee for cinematography, Ministry of culture and of the security Service of Ukraine.

“I am deeply convinced that the question of “Matchmakers” beyond the legal aspects, it lies in the moral and political”, — he said.

Ilyenko recalled Zelensky that he is the President of Ukraine, and therefore should “make the decision about the future of the series” and show that it is a priority — “the return of the product to air or purification of Ukraine’s information space from ukrainophobes who ignore national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state”.

In June, the state refused the media holding 1+1 media in the issuance of rental certificates to the show of the second season of “Matchmakers”. Representatives of the company appealed the decision in court.

All the seasons of the series “Matchmakers” was banned in Ukraine in November 2017 due to the participation of Russian actor Fyodor Dobronravov made earlier in the list of persons who threaten the security of the country. I have excluded from this list in June 2019.

Vladimir Zelensky was a producer of “the Matchmakers”. Dobronravov played in the series the role of Ivan Budko.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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