In the United States said about “hacking” enemy military satellites


www.vsyako.netPhoto: NASA

Currently, the Pentagon and its Western allies “would be prudent” to assume that his companions already hacked opponents. This statement is contained in the report “Cyber security of strategic assets of NATO in space” Royal Institute for international relations (UK), reported by nextgov.

“Given the vulnerability of space infrastructure, NATO members should assume that the opponents have already infiltrated their systems and invest in technology that can recover satellites in case of an attack,” writes the American edition .

It is also noted that to detect threats to satellites and to respond to them can help an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools, and the source of leakage can be, in particular, Chinese components in satellites and the lack of control on the part of Western manufacturers.

The document also Royal Institute of international Affairs argues that, since such “enemies” of USA, Russia and China, are increasing their offensive cyber capabilities, the Western world needs to lock its space infrastructure from the potential threats.

In July it became known that Turkey, fearing further U.S. sanctions due to the purchase of anti-aircraft missile system (ZRS) C-400 “Triumph” from Russia, have accumulated spare parts for their own fourth generation fighters F-16 Viper, made in America.

In may it was reported that the Ministry of defence of the USA has included Russia in the list of countries with whom it is prohibited to conduct space launches.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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