James Franco was involved in a case of beating amber heard johnny Depp


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Actor James Franco are going to question him about the beating of actress amber heard, her ex-husband johnny Depp. It is reported by The Blast.

Lawyers for the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” decided to call his colleague in the court once viewed the CCTV footage. They recorded as Franco met heard in the Elevator immediately after she allegedly beat ex-husband. It is noted that both celebrities seem to understand that they are on camera, so they tried their best to hide their faces.

Eric M. George , attorney Hurd, in conversation with the portal E! News said that these records are unlikely to play a role in the case. He explained that the actors just lived in the same residential complex and met by chance. Protection of Depp, in turn, said he plans to interview Elon musk, the ex-boyfriend heard.

Johnny Depp and amber heard were married in February 2015. In may 2016 Hurd filed for divorce, explaining his decision to irreconcilable differences in their marriage. A few days later she accused her husband of domestic violence. In March, Depp has filed a lawsuit against Hurd and demanded 50 million dollars for an article where she calls herself “a victim of domestic violence.”

Later, the actress filed new charges, describing how the ex-husband being drunk, dragged her by the hair and choked. Hurd admitted that Depp scandals of jealousy for her counterpart in the film, James Franco, regularly threw and broke things in their house and one day wanted to push her sister from the stairs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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