Optical illusion beach put the audience into a dead end


www.vsyako.netImage: @nxyxm

The user of social networks and nick Nayem published in Twitter an optical illusion confuse many other users. His post was also posted on Reddit, where it gained more than 27 thousand likes.

“If you see the beach, the sky over the ocean, the stones and the stars, you are the artist, but this is not the picture. This is the lower part of garage doors that need to be repaired”, — Nayem wrote in the caption to the image.

Most people have admitted that you see in the picture the beach, and only then the gate. “I still find it difficult to imagine that this is not the sea” — shared his feelings about one of the users. “I guess I’m an artist, because looking at the picture for ten minutes before I realized what was happening,” wrote another.

One commentator has explained the effect of a cognitive distortion called “confirmation bias” (confirmation bias). According to him, when a person sees the first line in the caption to the photo that say about the beach, his brain sees it and considers this point of view is correct. Then, when the secret of the illusion is revealed, the brain does not immediately changes the view of man image.

Earlier, at the end of may 2019, the network has become popular image of the sign, the shadow of which forced people to think about magic.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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