Russia reacted to the detention of the tanker in Gibraltar


www.vsyako.netGrace 1Фото: Jon Nazca / Reuters

Following the arrest from Iran to Syria supertanker with British Marines — focused and prepared action aimed at aggravation of the situation around Iran, is spoken in the comment of Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry, published on the official website of the Department.

According to representatives of Russia, the step was contrary to the declared countries of Europe attitude to achieve the preservation of the agreements with the Islamic Republic, and is an attempt to “illegitimate pressure” on Tehran and Damascus.

Earlier on 5 July, media said that the arrested tanker owned by Russian company Russian Titan Shipping Line.

4 of July it became known that the British Marines and local law enforcement agencies intercepted in Gibraltar supertanker Grace 1 under the flag of Panama. It was reported that he was transporting two million barrels of crude oil from Iran in the refinery of Banias in Syria that violates the sanctions regime.

According to the foreign Ministry of Spain, the British intercepted the tanker at the request of the United States.

EU sanctions against Syria include a ban on oil trade, restrictions on investment, freezing in the EU assets of the Central Bank of the Arab Republic of embargoes on trade in dual-use technologies, as well as telecommunications equipment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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