Russian mega-project was more expensive ideas Elon musk


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The construction of the Hyperloop system, developed by the founder of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk, between Moscow and St. Petersburg will be cheaper than building a high speed railway (HSR), approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin in April. About this newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to calculations of the Institute of natural monopolies research (IPEM).

The preliminary cost of the CSM is estimated at 1.5 trillion rubles. It is planned that the train will cover the distance between Moscow and St Petersburg in two hours. Hyperloop, according to the Institute, would cost of 1.18 trillion in the construction of one pipe and at least 3.25 trillion in the construction of two.

This capsule is able to deliver passengers from Moscow to St. Petersburg for 33 minutes. Its capacity is of 28 or 40 passengers. However, according to estimates of Institute of natural monopolies, a ticket on the Hyperloop will not be available to the average passenger. In the best case it will cost 16 thousand rubles, and at worst — about 50 thousand.

Hyperloop is a project of high-speed transport proposed by Elon Musk. He suggests that capsule with passengers will travel in vacuum tunnels, accelerate to 1.2 thousand kilometers per hour. While the project is never implemented in practice, however, the capsules are tested on several landfills in the U.S. and Europe.

Construction of high-speed rail is part of the national project “Comprehensive plan for the modernization and expansion of trunk infrastructure”. According to him, in this direction until 2024 it is planned to spend more than 620 billion rubles.

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