Sobchak responded to the criticism of pictures of her naked son


www.vsyako.netKsenia Sobchak Photo: Valeriy Melnikov / RIA Novosti

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak said in comments on Instagram, in which she was criticized for publishing a picture of a naked son of Plato. She noted that surprised by the negative reaction.

“I read the comments under the post (…) and thoughtful. People, why do you have shit instead of brains?” — addressed to the haters Sobchak. According to her, to spread that kind of pictures of young children is normal, especially if the footage was shot from the back. “The police in the face #agentura, — please, my children,” — said TV presenter.

She added that the message in the comments about a possible interest of pedophiles to pictures rather of talking about how the publication appreciated by the users. “Maybe the problem is in the viewer? I would have thought such could not come, but you come! I’m crazy to get such comments,” she concluded.

July 4, Sobchak has published in Instagram photo of his son Plato on the beach. Due to the fact that the child was without clothing, some people in the comments was criticized leading posted, in their opinion, an obscene picture.

In June, Sobchak protested the release of the TV show “Live healthy”, where presenter Elena Malysheva called children with congenital hypothyroidism nerds. She called the incident a sheet and asked mental health malyshevoy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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