Stations fronting the band Andrew caught the Chita in Russia


www.vsyako.netPhoto: SK the Russian Federation / RIA Novosti

Participants in large criminal groups, which controlled the railway transport on the Moscow railway stations, arrested during a joint operation of the Investigative Committee (IC) and the interior Ministry. About it “” said Yegor Markov, the official representative of management SK on Transbaikalian edge.

According to him, the detention took place simultaneously in the Crimea, Moscow, Kirov and Chita. During searches of the caches of bandits seized a Kalashnikov, two TT pistols, a Makarov pistol, submachine gun “Cedar”, a pistol “Walter” and other weapons and ammunition.

“According to investigators, the active participants of this criminal community was at least 10 people, three of whom died in the course of shootouts, and one died. Six people were taken to Chita and the decision of the court arrested — said Yegor Markov. — They were charged with ten murders in 1993-1999 in Moscow and Chita region”.

The UK has published on its YouTube channel video operational with the detainees, in which they testify.

In turn, Larisa Ivanova, representative of the regional Department of internal Affairs, said “the” that the organizer and the leader of the gang actually owned commercial firm engaged in the rail, and completely controlled the cargo dispatch on one of the capital’s stations.

“The gang was created specifically to expand the influence and the elimination of competitors, — said Ivanov. One of the participants was a regular killer, the other provided him preparing for the crime.”

We are talking about the detention of members of criminal community Andrei Kuznetsov, Andrei is known as Chita, and had close ties with the “Orekhovo” OPG, said “the” a source in law enforcement bodies.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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