The airline was subjected to a woman in a wheelchair humiliation


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British woman with a disability complained to the airline personnel who repeatedly humiliated her and broke her wheelchair. About it reports “Interfax”.

23-year-old jolene Duggleby and her companion 29-year-old James Lyons bought a ticket at the British tour operator Thomas Cook. After a holiday in Turkey on returning to England Duggleby had to deal with rudeness and incompetence of the airline staff. When she arrived at Dalaman airport, one of the workers started wrong to raise it in the plane. He grabbed the girl’s feet and caused her terrible pain. “While other passengers were safely aboard, I was approached by the airport Manager and started asking what am I unhappy. This caused even more stress and I said that later independently file a complaint,” recalls Duggleby.

After landing at Newcastle airport girl asked that her wheelchair was brought to the ship. However, it turned out that the crew passed him in the Luggage. Then Duggleby independently slid to the floor of the cabin, to “quickly get out of this airplane”. “The flight attendant stood in my way and wouldn’t let me through. She began to scream, it won’t allow me to get off the plane so, because it is unsafe. By the time I was in hysterics and horror. She yelled at me, gesturing aggressively,” shared Duggleby.

After that, the British brought a spare wheelchair to take her to the terminal. “As soon as I was able to sit in the chair, the flight attendant screamed, “Get this lady out of my plane”,” — shared the girl. In the end Duggleby managed to escape from the ship, but when the passenger received the baggage, she saw that her wheelchair is broken in three places.

“I left the airport humiliated, disappointed and traumatized. In this situation, I expect understanding, kindness and patience from the staff of Thomas Cook,” concluded Duggleby. Representatives of the tour operator contacted the injured girl and brought her an apology. They also said that they began to investigate the incident.

This is not the first case when the airline staff rude treats people with disabilities. So, in June the staff of Ryanair has not provided the 38-year-old Briton Daniel Rooney with spinal muscular atrophy wheelchair, which the tourist has broken his arm.

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