The devout leader of a gang of killers Celentano was found guilty in creating the OPG


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The Novosibirsk regional court convicted the alleged leader of the brigade of killers Anatoly Radchenko, known in criminal circles as Celentano, for a number of crimes. It is reported “AIF-Novosibirsk”.

From the outbreak of the July 4 announcement of the verdict, it follows that the defendant was found guilty of creation of criminal community. The court found that Radchenko 1997-2009 head unit killers in the gang of convicted crime boss Alexander Trunov. Also, according to the verdict, Radchenko involved in the murder of four people and the attempted murder of three more. Among the victims criminal authorities Lake, Cache, head of the security service of one of the local factories Alexey Dabei and Bagrad Gelashvili. Latest in 2000 was killed by mistake — he switched places at the table with the thief in the law Mamuka Shubitidze, which was planned to be addressed.

In addition to the killings Celentano accused of fraud, robbery and extortion.

The prosecution asked for 25 years in prison. It is expected that on 5 July the court will complete sentencing at the end of which would call time.

Radchenko didn’t want to hear your sentence, and under the escort left the court, said “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. He considers the case against it custom fabricated and the former partners with the aim to take away his business.

“The verdict is blinded from the fact that it was,” — wrote in Instagram his lawyer Vladimir Bologo. From the post it follows that writing the sentence “gone already 2 month”: it as a blueprint stitched together from sentence to Alexander Trunov. The defense intends to appeal the decision.

The trial Radchenko was about two years behind closed doors for fear of putting pressure on witnesses, said RIA Novosti. It has been declared in Federal and international search, after capture of gang leader Trunovskoe Alexander Trunov. Celentano looking for in even the monasteries, when the police learned of his piety.

He was detained in Austria in February 2014 and in August 2015, was deported to Russia.

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