The fattest woman in the world has lost 194 pounds and got fat again


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A resident of the state of California Pauline Potter (Pauline Potter), weighing 307 pounds, dropped two-thirds of his weight and got fat again. Her story tells newspaper the Daily Mail.

Potter from Sacramento got into the Guinness Book of records as the fattest woman in the world in 2011, when her weight was 292 pounds. The woman became the heroine of the reality show, My 600lb Life, which airs on channel TLC. Then the American came to Houston and met with a specialist in bariatric surgery by Navaratana Younan (Younan Nowzaradan).

As part of the transfer, the woman admitted that the problems with obesity began in childhood. When she was a child, her parents divorced. Mother housewife had barely enough money to feed his family. Later, the couple agreed, and financial problems stopped. However, remembering times of famine, it began to “eat for the future”. To 17 years, her weight had reached 136 pounds.

Potter under the guidance of a doctor Navaratana reduced the size of the stomach, and for the first year she lost 67 pounds. Despite the weight loss, Potter complained of leg pain due to undergoing earlier surgery. To dull the pain, American hooked on painkillers, and later went to the hospital with sepsis.

Doctors say that the blood poisoning was due to hard drugs. Potter received the necessary medical assistance, and soon returned safely to weight loss program. After the procedure to remove excess skin American woman could lose up to 112 pounds.

Three years later, the woman starred in the production of My 600lb Life: Where Are They Now? which showed the lives of the characters after their massive weight loss. Navsarjan noted that due to inappropriate behavior Potter sessions had to stop. “She is engaged in self-destruction, — said the doctor. — She doesn’t want to change.”

In the end, Potter re-gained 19 pounds. “The fat girl still lives in me — she said to journalists. — The doctor operated on my stomach, but not get rid of the problems in my head.”

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