The husband fled with millions of rubles cashier was a debtor


The spouse of the cashier of the Bank of Bashkiria Louise Hairullina stole more than 20 million rubles, and escaped with his family, was an avid gamer and the debtor on loans. About it to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” said the father of Hairullina Ramil Kulahmetov.

The man believed that because of the husband’s debts his daughter and grandchildren were able to kidnap, hold hostage or even killed. The news about the arrest reassured him. “No information from local investigators, I can not get. Know the daughter’s on the way to Ufa, I also have to deliver for the conversation with investigators,” said Kulahmetov.

He added that he did not know where at the moment of detention were spouse and children Louise.

According to the publication, about the fugitives ‘ whereabouts investigators learned in late June. All this time, the apprehend was developed in strict secrecy, so as not to spook the kidnapper. Also, check out the Bashkir security forces were coordinated through the Moscow office, which also set aside the arrest.

RIA Novosti writes that the situation with the children Hairullina took personal control of the Commissioner for children’s rights in Bashkortostan Milana Skorobogatova. “Held further talks with the mayor of Salavat and guardianship. All services and specialists are ready to meet the children and to decide all questions of protection of their interests,” she said.

Earlier, on 5 July it became known that the location of the cashier gave their own children. One of them called my grandfather, then law enforcement tracked down the rented apartment in Kazan where he was hiding woman with a family.

Khairullina Louise lost her husband and two children in late may. The consequence considers that it was taken out of the Bank branch in which he worked, approximately 24.5 million rubles. Before escaping Khairullina removed almost all of its pages in social networks, however, later in Instagram appeared an account, which publishes messages on its behalf. Users support the woman and wish her luck.

In late June police found the car the woman in the garage of her father. In the car were linen, in connection with which the security forces suggested that Khairullina were hiding there for some time. 4 July, the interior Ministry announced the arrest of a kidnapper. The location of the money is still unknown.

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