The Iranian model were expelled from the country for candid photos, and forced to wander


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The Iranian model was forced to leave his native country and wander in Europe for photo shoots in lingerie. It is reported by Le Parisien.

The photographer, who was the author of the shooting, gave candid shots of the police. Fearing prison and flogging for violations of strict Islamic law, a 29-year Negse fled from Iran to Turkey. She then sought asylum in France and went to Paris.

However, she failed to find work in a new place and, having spent all the money, she was homeless. She had to spend the night on the streets or on Park benches. “I once sold a bag with all of your dresses for ten euros just to eat” — shared Negia. Despite his situation, the model admitted that he is proud that she managed to step out of their comfort zone and break the rules, not respecting the rights of women.

On arrival in France in November 2018 Negse immediately filed the documents for registration of political asylum, however, did not wait for a response. However, now that the French press gave the issue, interior Minister Christoph Kastner stated that the Department maintains communication with the model and promised to consider her case.

In February it was reported that former Spanish top model Nastasia Urbano became homeless. 57-year-old woman was not able to pay the bills and was in depression. She had to spend the night in the premises of banks, which provide their clients with round the clock access to ATMs. Urbano have remained friends among colleagues — former model Ruth Schuler and Hernando Herrera, who assisted her “to get back on their feet.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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