The network has found a new confusing color illusion


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Michael Karlovich

Years after turned into a popular meme online dispute about the color, network users invited to discuss the color of Crocs. As reported by BuzzFeed, the initiative was made by a neuroscientist from new York Wallis Pascal (Pascal Wallisch).

The photo shows the very shoes and socks with her color. The picture was taken on a dark background.

Users are asked to answer three questions about the picture: what color shoes, white whether color socks and how often the people around are like socks. A team of researchers has promised to analyze the collected data and to explain the effect of the picture.

In February 2015, the social networks were still debating about the color of the dress in the picture that has published one of the users of Facebook. Someone wrote that the dress is blue with black, and someone insisted that it was white and gold.

That outfit really was blue. Due to incorrect light output, some were victims of optical illusion. Meme was so popular that it is even called “the phenomenon of a blue or white dress”.

Later in social networks appeared similar disputes over the color of clothing or shoes. For example, at the end of December 2015, the Tumblr user has published the jackets, which was considered black-brown. However, a friend argued that a thing is white-blue. The views of users of color are also divided.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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