The team Zelensky was a conflict


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The new head of the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Ivan Bakanova was a conflict with the environment of the head of presidential administration of the Republic Andrei Bogdan. About it reports “Ukrainian truth”.

The newspaper’s sources report that the presidential Office is dissatisfied with the independence Bakanova, which does not coordinate the appointment of Deputy in the Department.

They were not satisfied with the advisers of the new head of the SBU, recommending him to various positions, particularly the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios and the Deputy public Prosecutor Nikolay banchuk. In addition, surrounded by Bogdan dissatisfied Bakanova desire to keep a part of the SBU Department for the fight against corruption and organized crime, which has been associated with numerous scandals. In the Office wanted to completely disband this office.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky was appointed administration head, lawyer Andrei Bogdan, who is known as a personal lawyer Kolomoisky, may 21. Bogdan, according to the journalists, it falls under the action of the Ukrainian lustration law that theoretically does not allow him to hold public office. The country’s Supreme court refused to consider the legality of the decree appointing Bogdan.

Ivan Bakanov led the headquarters Zelensky and headed the Pro-presidential party “people’s Servant”, from which Zelensky was nominated for the presidency. Bakanova appointment to the post of first Deputy head of SBU was one of the first personnel decisions of the new President.

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