Ukraine exploring the Arctic


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ilya Timin / RIA Novosti

Ukraine intends to cooperate with Norway on development projects in the Arctic. This was stated by the Ambassador of the Republic in Oslo, Vyacheslav Yatsyuk, according to the High North News.

The diplomat became the first Ambassador of Ukraine, who visited the Svalbard archipelago, which is now home to more than 400 citizens of its country. Most of them work in the Russian mining company “Arktikugol”. “We [in Kiev] start thinking about Ukraine as about the Arctic player,” said Yatsuk.

During his visit, he met with representatives of the local administration and scientists, in particular, visited the Polar Institute and the research station Nu-Alesund. According to the representative of Kiev in Ukraine could contribute to projects related to the study of climate change and satellite technologies.

“In addition, we are always interested in good communication with our citizens and the opportunity to defend them if they need it,” — said Yatsyuk.

According to the Spitsbergen Treaty (Svalbard Treaty) of 1920 and the Act on Svalbard in 1925, over the archipelago installed the sovereignty of Norway. However, all parties to the Treaty have equal rights to engage in fishing and other activities both on the Islands and in their territorial waters. Since 1947, the USSR, and then Russia appeared exclusive rights to the presence on Spitsbergen along with Norway.

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