Alaska has recorded record breaking heat


www.vsyako.netIncorecte: Frank K. / Wikimedia

In the U.S. state of Alaska, part of which lies within the Arctic circle, recorded a record high temperature. About it reports NBC News.

Thursday, July 4, in anchorage ,the largest city in the state, the temperature reached 32 degrees Celsius at a rate of 18-19 degrees Celsius at this time of year. Prior to that, the record was considered to be temperature 29 degrees Celsius, recorded in 1969.

It is expected that heat waves will last another week.

Scientists have linked the warming in Alaska with the melting of the Arctic ice and rise in temperature of the Arctic ocean.

Warming greatly affects the life of the state: its territory started forest fires. The state government has forbidden to sell fireworks to avoid new fires.

According to BBC News, in may, scientists said that warming in the state led to the death of thousands of puffins from starvation. Fish, which feed on birds, sailed to the North, as the temperature of the water rose.

In June, the world meteorological organization, the UN reported that 2019 will be abnormally hot. Scientists have warned that increased air temperature may lead to the death of several thousand people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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