American journalist advised me to go to the Crimea and came under a barrage of criticism


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Journalist Jeff Optik came under a barrage of criticism for an article in which he recommends to go to the Crimea through Russia. About it writes RIA Novosti.

Opdyke article called “Crimea — the unexpected beauty against the background of unsolved history” was published in the American edition Los Angeles Times. In it, he talks about his travel experiences around the Peninsula, and also gives recommendations for other tourists.

The indignation of the readers, in particular, caused the Council of the journalist to fly to Crimea via Russia. According to the Ukrainian part of the audience, this recommendation, Optik pushes people to crime, as in Ukraine, the entrance to the Peninsula from Russia is prosecuted criminally. The journalist warns about this in the article, but stressed that he went there “as a tourist, legally, in accordance with U.S. and international law.”

Optic also expressed regret that his article was perceived with a political context. In his view, travel “should be above politics” and Crimea “need to see more people from the West, even if some of them initially has no desire to energize the economy of the disputed territory their tourist dollars.”

Crimea became a Russian region in March 2014 after a referendum in which the overwhelming number of residents voted in support of this decision. Ukraine and Western countries consider the Peninsula annexed territory, Moscow indicates that the transition of the Crimea under its jurisdiction conform to the norms of international law.

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