Brazilian blogger asked Putin for pardon


www.vsyako.netCristiano Alves de Lima (right)Picture: YouTube the Federal news Agency. FAN TV

Brazilian blogger and translator Cristiano Alves de Lima, who faces expulsion from Russia, appealed to President Vladimir Putin asking for clemency. On it informs RIA FAN.

Alves de Lima violated the visa regime in 2016. A year later he was fined, according to the court, but he never issued the necessary papers for legal residence in the country. The Brazilian claims to have lost documents and failed to restore them.

In March, Russian border guards detained a blogger in Svetogorsk. He was sentenced to administrative expulsion from Russia for five years. Now Alves de Lima is in a temporary detention center for illegal immigrants in Gatchina, and hopes to appeal and the provision of temporary refuge.

The Brazilian wrote a letter to the President of Russia, asking to let him stay in the country he “respects and loves with all his heart” and where he “can walk the streets without fear”. It is reported that he received threats from Brazil, associated with its opposing views.

The blogger admitted to journalists that Russia was close to him, traditional family values and the fact that “teaches others his great culture.” He expressed sympathy to Putin, noting that the politician — people “intelligent, listens to its citizens, respects women”.

According to the Agency, Alves de Lima is known that fighting on the Internet with Russophobia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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