Fishermen stun fish and killed three divers


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Reuters

In Malaysia, near a small island Calapan killed two Chinese divers and their instructor. According to the information portal Divernet, the cause of their death was illegal fishing.

On Friday, July 5, 26-year-old Chinese tourist Zhao Jun (Zhao Zhong) and Intsze Xu (Xu Yingjie), together with a 30-year-old instructor went on a scuba diving lesson. At 14:30 local time, they boarded after the briefing. In an hour the guide returned them to the dive, however, divers have not risen.

The guide claims that saw rising bubbles and a lot of dead fish. Under a layer of clean water at a depth of six metres he could see the bodies of the divers on the bottom. He called for help to get them.

The police suspect that the divers died due to fishermen using explosives. At the time of the dives near the divers were a few fishing boats, although the witnesses claim they heard the sounds of explosions.

The Minister of tourism, culture and environment Sabah Christine Lew (Christina Liew) has called stricter to punish fishermen who use explosives.

Dynamite fishing is forbidden in most countries as it adversely affects the environment and often leads to accidents.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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