The correspondent of the First channel protested the vulgarity of the gay parade



The correspondent of the First channel Timur siraziev expressed his dissatisfaction with place in London gay parade. Post the content he published in Instagram.

Siraziev drew attention to the fact that it mostly confused by the format of the event. “The question is not who you are or what your skin color or life choices. Another question. It all looks very vulgar” — he wrote.

According to the journalist, it’s not carnival, and it makes no sense to make a “Walpurgis night” in front of everyone. “There’s even a British grandmother who know how to behave in hands, mouths pootkryvali,” concluded siraziev.

The Evening Standard writes that the gay pride parade in 2019 in London will be one of the largest in the history of the city of such events. It is expected that it will involve half a million people.

In April 2019 the report “Russia 24” about beating gays in Moscow raised the IRE of the viewers because of the mocking tone of the presenter.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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