The Governor of the Irkutsk region fled from the question about the money for podtoplentsam


www.vsyako.netCyril Shipitsin / RIA Novosti

The Governor of the Irkutsk region Sergey Levchenko did not answer the journalists ‘ questions concerning the lack of compensation for victims of the flood who lived on the destroyed street in the town of Nizhneudinsk. It is reported by REN TV.

Correspondents of the channel, the inhabitants of the street of the Promenade, the most heavily affected in Nizhneudinsk from a flood, still waiting for the Commission to assess the damage, which was to visit them on June 30. On the question of the crew, does the Governor about the problem, Levchenko said that those executed and left side.

Emergency situation announced in six districts of the Irkutsk region, where due to heavy rains and rising rivers have been flooding. Was flooded with more than 6.7 thousand houses in dozens of settlements. According to recent reports, killed 22 people. as a result of natural disasters in the region more than 3.5 thousand houses, it proved impossible to restore and renovate and live in them is impossible. Podtoplentsam will be placed in temporary housing until October will give new.

According to experts of geographical faculty of Irkutsk state University, the flood happened because of atmospheric anomalies and of global climate change.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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