The Melania trump has turned into the “ugly” wooden statue


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @nypost

In Slovenia showed a wooden statue of the wife of the President of the United States Donald trump Melania. This was reported on the website of the Metropolitan gallery Match.

The statue is located on the banks of the river Sava in the village of Road near the hometown of the first lady of the United States — Sevnica. The sculpture depicts the Melania trump in blue dress in which she attended the inauguration of her husband. With her right hand she welcomes the city.

The statue is made of wood in the genre of naive art, which implies the arbitrariness of perception. So, the visible deliberate rudeness in the execution of facial features and shapes.

In social networks ambiguously praised the work of the sculpture, finding it different from the wife of the American leader, writes the BBC. So, users found the similarities of the statue with Smurfette (heroine of the cartoon “the Smurfs” — approx. “Of the”), called it a bizarre, ugly and shameful.

The author of the concept is an American artist brad Downey. It is noted that it belongs only to the idea of sculpture, the work performed by an employee, which with a chainsaw made it in life. Display statues — part of the show Ta Eho (“the Echo”), which opened in Ljubljana.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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