A group of Chinese tourists were poisoned in a Russian restaurant


www.vsyako.netPhoto: pxhere.com

A group of tourists from China went to the hospital of St. Petersburg with symptoms of food poisoning. All of them July 6, visited the restaurant “Shanghai” on Vasilevsky island, said Rosportebnadzora.

It is noted that after examination, the doctors sent to the hospital, Botkin hospital 15. After the examination, all members of the tour group refused further treatment and left the facility. “The evening of 6 July, a group of Chinese tourists in full force continued their journey to Moscow”, — stated in the message.

The CPS conducted a review of institutions, in which were found numerous violations of sanitary norms. So many products were stored without packaging, some directly on the floor. The restaurant had no cold water and no soap, the staff were without sanitary clothes, the kitchen was crawling with cockroaches and flies.

The audit office sent to waste more than 60 kg of food, which could cause the spread of intestinal infections. From 6 July Rosportebnadzor suspended operation of the restaurant, which catered to thousands of people a day.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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