Child from a large Russian family found tied to a pole by the neck


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Valeriy Melnikov / RIA Novosti

In the village of Yuryev of the Yaroslavl region in the yard of the house where a large family, found the baby, tied by the neck to a pole. On Sunday, July 7, according to the Telegram-channel Baza.

Bound five year old boy found on Friday, July 5, employees of the Department of juvenile Myshkin when he came with the unscheduled inspection to the family of Svetlana and Andrew Savelevich. According to the channel, all in the family brought up eight children: one mother, one adopted and six more are under guardianship.

In this case, said Baza, the family is in the village of faithful and exemplary: Davelevy moved at Yuri from Moscow, they have a house and livestock.

After the incident, the guardianship authorities seized all the children from the family, now they are in rehab.

July 4 at the children’s hospital of Nazran received a seven-year-old girl with a lot of burns, cuts, scars and bites on the body. It was noted that the last six months the child lived with the mother’s aunt on the father, although the girl has parents. The woman claimed that the baby allegedly fell down the sewer hole, and before that, she climbed into the pot of soup. Upon detection of injuries on the body of the little patient was initiated a criminal case about the deliberate infliction of serious harm to health of the child. The suspect in the maiming of the aunt of the girl was arrested, two of her own children was taken to a rehabilitation center.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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