The Australian had died of cold over three days


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In Australia, a 13-year-old crystal Lee Whitley died from the common cold. About it reports The Daily Mail.

According to the publication, shortly before the incident the whole family of the girl had a cold. When the symptoms appeared crystal Lee, her mother did not pay attention to it. However, two days later, the girl became worse, and the mother still put her to the doctor the next day. In the morning, however, the girl was already unconscious arrived at the doctors recorded her death.

The Minister of health of South Australia Stephen Wade said that his office runs a program for the prevention of colds.

“The virus is transmitted from person to person and can live up to 48 hours on hard, flat surfaces like doorknobs, toys and tables,” explained Wade. He urged residents to monitor themselves and their loved ones, especially in the dead of winter.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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