A billionaire from the Ukraine had eyes for American football


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The sports streaming service DAZN, owned by billionaire Leonid Blavatnik, is going to broadcast American football in the United States received the rights to broadcast games the National football League (NFL). About it writes Bloomberg.

Under the current contract, which expires in 2022, get NFL broadcasts the largest broadcasting company in the U.S. DirecTV. However, according to the terms of the agreement, the League has the right to terminate it in 2019.

The leadership of the NFL intends to renew the contract for the broadcast streaming service. In addition to DAZN, for the right to broadcast the matches, in particular, will compete with ESPN, Fox Sports, Facebook and Amazon, are actively developing their streaming services.

“We are particularly interested in how to get NFL rights,” — said General Director of DAZN Simon Denyer.

The company Blavatnik now has the rights to broadcast sports games in nine countries, including Canada, Germany, Italy and Japan. However, by 2020, the company plans to extend its presence in 20 countries.

Leonid Blavatnik is an American-British businessman originally from Odessa. In the ranking of billionaires Bloomberg, he is a 35-th place with a fortune of 25.4 billion dollars. The main assets of the Blavatnik are LyondellBasel chemical company, a Warner Music holding Acess Industies. Also a portion of his wealth invested in real estate and art.

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