Discovered wandering the galaxy star-zombie



An international group of scientists have discovered several objects that are remnants of a supernova, but are not neutron stars or black holes. These stars zombie over time will turn into white dwarfs, oxygen-rich. About it reported in a press release on

Found three stars with the object LP 40-365 (white dwarf low mass) could be the result of two types of supernova: type Iax supernova (explosion of a white dwarf as part of a double star) or a supernova resulting from electron capture (a type of beta decay of atomic nuclei). Explosions are weak, so the result is not a neutron star or black hole and a star with a smaller mass, which will gain acceleration and maybe in the future to leave the galaxy.

2 July it was reported that astronomers at mit in the US have discovered a new anomalous star, whose behavior remains unexplained. It is from time to time reduce their brightness at random intervals. The researchers said that all possible explanations of the phenomenon have not yet been confirmed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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