Gamers got angry at the request of the pregnant girlfriend to dinner and attacked her


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Luke Munday page in Facebook

Gamer from Sydney, pleaded guilty to assaulting his pregnant wife after she called him to have dinner with the family. This publication reports the Sydney Morning Herald. The court session took place on Monday, July 8. The verdict will be announced on August 26.

According to the court, in December last year, Luke James Munday (Munday Luke James) had a fight with his pregnant sweetheart, grace Campbell (Grace Campbell). The man played the online game Fortnite and a live broadcast of what is happening, when he was called to dinner.

The woman repeated several times the request and, infuriated by the fact that the Australian answered every time “soon”, went to his office and threw him in the computer and “some items”. Munday stood up and hit her in the face and pushed to the floor.

On the live broadcast got swearing men, a loud thud and cries Campbell. The incident was not caught on video due to the location of the webcam.

Munday confessed to the crime and said he regretted it was not supposed to do that.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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