In Russia assessed the effect of robots for industry


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Press service of the Governor of Tula region / RIA Novosti

Robotization and digitalization of the industry not yet been sufficiently developed in Russia, but to increase the productivity of this process should be accelerated. This statement was made by the representatives of German companies operating in Russia, at the exhibition “Innoprom”. Increasing productivity is one of the main tasks of the national project “Productivity and support employment.”

Commercial Director Russia KUKA (German manufacturer of industrial robots) Peter SMOLENTSEV told that with the introduction of robot productivity is increased by not less than 40 percent, even if the machine works with the same speed as the person and does the same thing. According to him, this is due to the fact, that disappears natural stop, and the fatigue of the person.

SMOLENTSEV noted that in Russia a huge number of occupations in which work is done by people, while in Europe for 10-20 years, these functions are assigned to robots. Given the size of the Russian economy for active development, we have to introduce 2-3 thousand robots in the year, he said. Meantime, the year they were introduced only about 800 units.

The expert cited the example of the successful use of robotic systems. According to him, due to the introduction of welding robots Russian manufacturer of bicycles Forward has increased their productivity eight times in 2015. Now he became the leader of the Russian market for the production of their own frames for bicycles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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